Midsomer RL

Written for the 7 Day Roguelike Challenge 2013. Though I only spent two days on mine.

It's a detective roguelike based on the British TV series Midsomer Murders.

It's written in JS and uses rot.js.

Hornet Quest

I wrote this in the summer after 7th grade, first game I published.

An online games portal offered me 400 Canadian dollars for it, but it only got a score
of about 2.5/5.0 on Newgrounds :( I recall the portal being called something like "garage games", though according to Wikipedia Garage Games are the developers of the Torque game engine (which I used at around the same time, hence the confusion).

It's one of those side-scrolling shooters, pretty standard.

It was written in ActionScript 2.

Woogi Baker (part of Woogi World)

Woogi World was a browser MMORPG (made in Flash) for children, they hosted a game development competition on newgrounds.com when I was in 7th grade, and I entered with a "catch the falling donuts" game, together with a friend who made the graphics. It was actually included in the game! Though I wasn't able to find it the last time I tried the game, and I'm not even sure if the game is still around anymore. Also we didn't win the $US 3000 prize. :o

Trivia: Woogi World was originally called Wiggi World, but they changed that name during the competition.

jumpy cow game

I actually published this on Google Play Store.

It's written in Java. IIRC I used libGDX.

The player controls a cow which has to collect as much milk as possible
before it drowns in the sea of milk rising from the bottom of the screen.

browser artillery thingy

I worked on this in December 2017, didn't get very far at all.


".io game"

Apparently ".io game" is a genre now (slither.io being probably the most famous).

I tried this out with my brother and his friend, but found the basic gameplay to not be very good.

It started out as a sort of multiplayer asteroids, and gradually morphed
into a Mars rover bot survival game.

war game

This is a little game I wrote using React where you have to manage your relations with other nations. Not finished either.